Disembodybutter: Picked For You: Coachella

Right in the middle of my thesis project Coachella happened. Consequently my Instagram Explore Page was flooded with images of festival goers, and within this deluge of Coachella selfies a few distinct patterns emerged.

To simulate the Coachella digital persona the criteria are as follows:
Glitter, rhinestones on your face, bright colorful makeup, festival wear (revealing, sparkly, impractical, but it looks so good in selfies).

There’s also a certain quality to the light in southern California in the late afternoon, so I also used the most lights for this look in order to make it seem like I was standing in front of that one wall at the Saguaro Hotel.

Projected near life size, this time-lapse video is the real documentation of the deception and artifice employed to make “Picked For You: Coachella.” Projected on the wall, it references the fantasy of cinema, the escapism of films and movies, and directly reveals the skill set required to pull off said fantasy, a skill set increasingly drawn upon to present curated versions of the self to an audience of Instagram followers. The projection acts to pull back the filter, documenting and foregrounding the labor involved in performing for social media.

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