How Did You Afford This, Emily & Denton T.?

We’ve all seen it: a Facebook or Instagram photo of someone we know showing off a big purchase. Sometimes we’re happy for them, sometimes we’re resentful, but one thing is usually true — we don’t know the whole story. In “How Did You Afford This”, we ask readers to let us know how they were able to afford big purchases in their lives. In this installment of the series, we are starting with one of the biggest investments any of us will ever make: home ownership.



  • Location: Suburban in Denver, CO
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3.5
  • Type of Residence: Single Family Home
  • Down payment percentage of home cost: 50%


CH: How old were you when you bought/when did you buy?
ET: I was 28, Denton was 32.

CH: If you have a domestic partner, are you both on the deed/loan? If not, why?
ET: Yes, we both are on our title and loan.

CH: Why did you decide to buy?
ET: We both owned homes before we got engaged because we knew that we want to live in Denver for the rest of our lives and it felt like the right time to invest. Denton’s house was far away from our jobs and friends and my house was too small for us both to fit (one car garage, built in the 1940s, low ceilings- Denton is 6’5″) as we began our married life. So we agreed that neither of our homes would work for our future and began to decide what was important in a home to us and look.

CH: How long did you save until you started your home search and what percentage of the value of the home was your down payment?  If you have a partner, did you split the down payment?
ET: We decided to sell my house as it had a higher value than Denton’s and used that sale for our down payment on a new house. It was really hard getting my house ready to sell. We had to get it repainted, staged and maintain that high level while we had showings. We have kept Denton’s house and are renting it out. We make a small profit off of it that we have put into a savings account for maintenance on both of our houses.

CH: Did anyone else contribute to the down payment?  If so, what percentage of the down payment?
ET: No.



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