I Made a Real Life “thank u, next” List

In January of 2018 I turned to the apps in hopes of finding someone I could love and be loved by. I had reached my late 20s only ever having had 2 boyfriends with a few dates here and there. Nothing had happened organically (it doesn’t help that my version of flirting is the opposite of flirting) so I decided to turn to the modern day classified ads for love and stuff. I certainly didn’t intend or hope to date so many guys, and to be honest, 2018 has left me discouraged that nothing has worked out. 

In fighting resentment and coincidentally channeling Ariana Grande, I’ve turned to gratitude. Nothing has been wasted. Every interaction with another human, even a bad one, provides something to be thankful for. And it goes both ways.

So thank you, to all the guys I dated in 2018, to the ones who caused heartache and the ones I can barely remember.

#1. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of what it could feel like to love someone.

#2. Thank you for showing me that not everyone is compatible with you sexually.

#3. Thank you for showing me that just because you are a decent human does not mean I will like you romantically.

#4. Thank you for being excited about diversity, even if that means Scottsdale to you.

#5. Thank you for showing me humility.

#6. Thank you for showing me there are still softies out there before ghosting me.

#7. Thank you for making dating fun even though I think we ultimately found each other boring.

#8. Thank you for finishing my drink for me so I could drive home. 

#9. Thank you for tacos.

#10. Thank you for telling me you brought your roommate on our date, 15 minutes into it.

#11. Thank you for being nice when we ran into each other after I turned you down for a 2nd date.

#12. Thank you for having an entire date in Spanish with me.

#13. Thank you for the great kiss right before you ghosted me.

#14. Thank you for the coffee.

#15. Thank you for the laughs at happy hour.

#16. Thank you for pushing through your discomfort to allow me the closure I needed.

#17. Thank you for asking the important questions, even at the risk of not hearing what you wanted.

Cheers to 2019, and hopefully a shorter list.


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