Men Do Basic Things Too: Fall Edition


It’s hard to miss the memes, gifs, and quizzes pertaining to being “basic”. One has only to plug the term into a search engine to find the dearth of posts poking fun and/or embracing the term. If you don’t know what “basic” means, you might also be part of that lost group that just discovered “dabbing”. If you really don’t know, here is the Urban Dictionary definition.

While there are varying degrees, there is one telltale sign associated with the Basic B*. It is the moment when the leaves first start to curl to signal the end of Summer, and said person can be found eagerly rushing to the closest Starbucks to order their Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL). Did you hear that? That was the collective sound of their “Oooh Ahhh”.

I’ll be honest — I’m definitely guilty of having some “basic” tendencies (who hasn’t?), and it irked me that nearly every example of this specimen was of the feminine kind.



Well guess what? I am here to say that Men Do Basic Things Too. And as it is only fitting with all things Autumnal upon us, let’s start with the Fall Edition.

While they may not be rushing (publicly, anyways) to order their PSL, they do embrace those limited-edition Pumpkin Brews or seasonal IPAs. Let’s face it, this might as well be a PSL.

As they await the final season of GOT, you might find one taking their fashion inspiration or perhaps dressed as Jon Snow for Halloween.


And if they aren’t feeling that messy man-bun vibe, they are reaching for those Plaid Shirts & Puffy Vests.








Or when they trade in those snapbacks for Beanies.


They might also ironically join and then win their Fantasy Football leagues.

And of course, they’ll make their award-winning Chili for said football parties.


Sometimes they only want the company of a good book and a stiff Whiskey/Bourbon drink (something along the lines of an Old Fashioned).

And while they may not willingly pose for a pumpkin patch photo or jump in the dried leaves, they’ll have photos of their Furry Friends in those Crunchy Leaves.


Anyways, so here’s to your seasonal beverage whatever it might be. Drink all the PSLs and IPAs until the leaves start to green, and you have to hide your guilty “basic” pleasure.

Cheers to all the Basic Gs.

Media: Aubreigh Brunschwig & Dani Thompson
Models: Andrew Hoffman & Cat Huynh