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Letter from the Editors: October

This October we will be exploring Chimera. The word has many meanings extending as far back as Ancient Greece. What started as an inherently female mythical creature cobbled together from various other animal parts lead to iterations as literal as genetics and marine biology, while also being synonymous with far-flung desire. October is a time when […]

Antebellum to Beyonce: Black Erasure in the Time of Twitter Receipts

Photographs by the talented Danielle Webster. The erasure of black people, black culture, blackness is a hallmark of American life. About 2 years ago I started seeing Charleston, SC everywhere. It was all over Instagram, and multiple friends were taking trips there. It soon became clear that the city of Charleston was in the midst of […]

WTF is Community?

I had the same group of friends from about 6th grade through high school graduation. I had known most of them since I was 7. We were best of buds through movie premieres, mall loitering, and the Myspace Top 8. I grew up with them, then I felt like I outgrew them and the suburb […]